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Update October 1st 2010

We are just back from the hospital we didn’t get NED but the Oncologist came into the office out of breath because she had to run down and have a look at the scan herself. “I cant believe after this length of time there are no new lesions and we cant see the one in the limp nodes” She also said well there is nothing left for her to do. The radiologist who reads the scans congratulated the Oncologist  on such a great job
She mentioned  Tarciva but said she could see no reason to use it yet thank God. Then I asked her for a blood test for T3 and T4 and also Potassium so she agreed and done that straight away. Results : Everything is normal with T3 and T4 also the Potassium

December 21st 2010.

No new lesions, 4 tumours now dead and the 5th tumour is stable and inactive. In lay mans terms that means all 5 tumours are now dead
Our next mile stone will be March 2011 when we will see if we done enough to stop the pain in the ribs from the Radiation in June 2010. I am hoping the MSM cream will help repair the damage before it starts to hurt  

March 09th 2011 

We were called into the Oncologist’s office and She was smiling as we walked through the door so I knew it wasn’t going to be bad news.
Then she started to read out the report and as she read it she just kept saying “this is unbelievable” . the last tumour they done the stereotactic on is still shrinking ( could be because the DCA got in there too) also the 5th and final tumour has not only shrunk but its gone. So our concoction worked for certain. The hospital never done anything with this tumour so it is down to DCA, LDN etc

April 24th 2011
Unfortunately the pain is starting in the ribs from the stereotactic radiation , it took us 9 months to get rid of the pain the last time so hopefully I can do better for Jacinta this time. Celebrix and DMSO worked well last time around. Will start on it tomorrow

June 10th 2011

Jacinta has been suffering from headaches over the past few weeks and were getting more worried each day. So yesterday we went for an MRI and the results 5 hours later. It was the longest day ever as we were worried sick, I even gave Jacinta a valium to help settle her nerves
The Results.

Jacinta has headaches because of the huge change in lifestyle. Would you believe it, the oncologist said you have headaches because you are too healthy. What an unbelievable relief. So we have to make a few changes in her diet and all should be fine

October 14th 2011

The CAT scan today showed a new tumour in the liver 16mm ball and also a new tumour in the left lung. A PET scan was ordered and on the 24th of Oct this was confirmed.
So now its time to figure out just what went wrong. In March, we stopped the Sodium Bicarbonate and I was giving Jacinta the DCA 5 days a month until June.
So we have upped everything, Jacinta is back on 2 size 00 capsules of Sodium Bicarb twice a day and 500mg of DCA mixed with DMSO and rubbed directly over the tumour. We will have another meeting with the Oncologist this week to see where we go from here

December 16th 2011

Its been 2 long months since I last updated to this page. 8 weeks on antibiotics 1 round of chemo and 2 biopsy’s. After the 2 liver biopsy’s we finally got a result. The hospital rang today to confirm the cancer has the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) and Jacinta will be starting on Tarceva on December 20th

February 3rd 2012

Its day 44 on Tarceva and it is defiantly working. It is obviously blocking the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor’s just like it is suppose to. Spots on the face, dry skin, itching all over and eye lashes going hard and thats just to name a few. In 25 days time we will know if it is having a devastating effect on the 2 tumours. Jacinta is still taking the LDN and vitamins but so far no DCA. I do think we should try DCA and DMSO again. If the tumour is week from the tarceva maybe it would be a good opportunity to attack again with DCA. Next update after the scan at the end of this month

March 23rd 2012

Well We are at day 90 odd and have been on a very rocky road over this past 4 weeks. We had a CT scan early March and unfortunately an MRI was ordered straight away. 4 tumours were found in the brain. Luckily these are not too big and the Stereotactic Radiation machine is able for the job. Things got slightly worst this week because a standard mask cant be made and a ring will have to be placed on Jacinta’s head and then screwed to the scull. This will all happen Tuesday 27th of March. I am hoping to add 2 new protocols this week. One will be 75mg Aspirin a day the other I will post here shortly when I check out just what is involved

A big lesson to learn: When you find a protocol that works dont relax when you get the all clear wait a year at least and when fighting cancer always use LDN from your chemist its safer

Aug 5th  2012

Life is just in a mess at the moment and we are paying dearly for letting up on the vitamins last year. Its time to kick some cancer ass. I will update every week for the next few weeks.
Jacinta is in Hospital and in a would of trouble. Planning HBOT, IVC and a few other things over the next few weeks

Here is where you can learn about LDN

Here is a list of what we are taking

Before Breakfast
2 size 00 capsules filled with Sodium Bicarb  learn why HERE  You will get Sodium Bicarbonet in your local supermarket. Make sure it says 100% Sodium Bicarbonet on the pack of the Baking Soda

Vitamin D3 5000ui Learn why HERE

DCA 500mg 5 days a week You can learn about DCA HERE more about DCA HERE

After Breakfast and Dinner (twice a day)
Vitamin C 1000mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg you Learn about ALA HERE (click on the play button on the page)A must listen
Vitamin B complex 100mg you must take Vitamin B with Alpha Lipoic Acid

At night
2 size 00 capsules filled with Sodium Bicarb
LDN 4.5mg This is the key to the whole protocal and you need a prescription from your GP
DCA 500mg as above
Massage MSM on the ribs
Massage DMSO and Cesium on the back and front 5 nights a week Learn why HERE

All the Vitamins and suplements can be purchaced at www.alldayvitamins.com or if you live in the USA you should get most things at www.iherb.com and use this code NEJ221 to get a $5 discount
DMSO etc can be got at www.kornax.com

For Radiation burn to the ribs we are using Kornax MSM Maximum Pain Relief Gel
If the pain is very bad we found Celebrix and DMSO works wonders, you will need a doctors prescription for Celebrix. Celebrix is a very strong NSAID, using a 200mg capsule we took a quarter of the capsule’s content and mixed it with 1ml DMSO and 1ml distilled water and then rub onto the ribs where it hurts. IMPORTANT when using DMSO your hands and skin MUST be clean

To obtain a prescription from your GP in Ireland download this info pack HERE  
For more info you can email me HERE

I am writing our protocol on a PDF file and here it is so far PROTOCOL
LDN has been Our Life Boat
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Our Fight against Cancer and how we are doing it

Here is our story so far

It’s been 48 months since my Wife was diagnosed with lung cancer NSCLC. With 5 tumours 5cm in the right lung 2cm in the left 2cm between the lung, a large tumour in the adrenal gland and a small one in the brain, this seemed an imposable task to prove the doctors wrong that she would die in 2 to 6 months. PET scan 2008

While they were pumping the chemo into her I was on the internet researching and found our 2 weapons that we were going to try and fight with, LDN and Cyberknife. This hospital never heard of either

On the 8th of December 2008 they finished the chemo. They said it wasn’t working and sent her home to die. That was the end of us with that hospital

The next day I started on LDN to see if it was safe for my Wife to take and the next day Jacinta started on LDN and the struggle started to find a Cyberknife clinic. By March 2009 I found a hospital close by with Stereotactic Radiation which is somewhat similar and they agreed to help. The tumour in the right lung was now 8cm and a real worry so it was treated with the SR and today is just a 5cm scar all the other tumours were there and seemed stable.

June 2009 and the tumour in the brain was causing problems so a full body scan was ordered to see if it was worth her going through the ordeal of brain surgery to remove it and to our surprise and delight the tumour in the adrenal gland was gone. LDN took care of that one.

The surgery went ahead and the 1cm tumour was removed from the brain. Jacinta had to stop LDN while all this was going on because of pain meds. After 2 months another scan was done and the last 2 tumours grew from 2 cm to 4 cm, I believe this was because she was off the LDN for so long.

The Oncologist at this hospital decided to get on board with us and help win this battle and decided a mild chemo would help and after 10 rounds of that the tumours were back to 3 cm.

June 2010 we brushed the cobwebs off the Stereotactic machine and treated the tumour in the right lung. We added an extra weapon to our arsenal and Jacinta went to a decompression chamber aka HBOT (HBOT in Ireland) for the week she was doing the SR. This seemed to really help with the energy levels.

Now we wait till September for the next scan to see how well everything is going and hope there is only 1 baby left to attack and we have a plan for that one.

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